Why Women Should Never Think Of Becoming An Entrepreneur?

women entrepreneurs

A woman and an entrepreneur? How is that even possible? Which age are we living in? Well, we are here to answer these queries! Here is Why a Woman Should Never Think of Becoming an Entrepreneur?


1) They Cannot Handle Corporate Pressure.

Indra Nooyi from DNA India
Indira Nooyi: Chairwoman and Chief Executive Officer, PepsiCo

The leader of the world’s second largest food and beverage business. A business worth more than $150 Billion. Handling brands like Pepsi, Kurkure, Lay’s, Uncle Chips. Indra Nooyi is one of the most powerful business leaders in the world today.


2) They Do Not Have The Vision To Be Different.

Radhika Mam from BusinessWorld


Radhika Aggarwal: Chief Business Officer and Co-Founder, ShopClues

ShopClues started in 2011 with a vision to spread eCommerce across India. Its focus was on Tier II and Tier III cities instead of urban areas (like most eCommerce startups). After 6 years, its co-founder is the only female member of the Unicorn Club i.e. founder of a start-up valued at over $1 Billion.


3) They Lose Control Quite Easily.

Kiran Mazumdar Shaw From Wellbeing

Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw: Chairperson and Managing Director, Biocon Ltd.

Started in 1978, Biocon Ltd. has been a pioneer in the field of biotechnology in India. Its active ingredients are sold in over 120 countries. She has been listed in the top 100 most powerful women in the world for the last two years.

4) They Cannot Capitalise On An Opportunity.

Sabina Chopra From Rediff
Sabina Chopra: Co-Founder, Yatra.com

One of the earliest websites which opened up India to eCommerce, Yatra.com started in 2006. Its popularity helped people make digital transactions and book travel tickets online.


5) Technology Is Not A Woman’s Game.

Rashmi-Sinha from Skillmap

Rashmi Sinha – Co-Founder, Slideshare


SlideShare is one of the most popular websites for students and professionals. It gets around 70 million unique visitors in a month. Rashmi Sinha has spearheaded the growth of this company, which was taken over by LinkedIn in 2012 in a deal worth $118.75 million.


6) Women Turn A Blind Eye To Rural Issues

Namita Banka from Green Industry Platform

Namita Banka: Co-Founder, Banka BioLoo


Namita Banka did a diploma in jewellery designing, before starting Banka BioLoo in 2008. This startup is providing biodegradable toilets. Its efforts have improved rural sanitation through its strong recycling solutions.


7) Because Women Entrepreneurs Are Only In Urban Cities

Sunitabenandherdaughter_Milaap3 from Huffington Post
Sunitaben Vadecha – Rural Entrepreneur from Gandhidham, Gujarat


Sunitaben Vadecha has been empowering lives through creating equal educational and living opportunities for young girls. She got a crowd-funded loan from the NGO Prayas. Through smart savings and investments, she has now secured her daughter’s future.


Across the world, there are 126 Million women entrepreneurs. 8 Billion out of that number come from India, making it one of the largest contributors. Globally, women have a 24% share in corporate senior management positions but in India, it is 30%. So, here’s a salute to all the women who are going out to start their ideas and making a difference in the world!


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