ShopClues Super Merchant Of The Week – Uday Jain, Home Castle

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When confidence meets skill, it will inevitably lead to something wonderful. Something so special that it becomes the store to win the Best Catalog award from ShopClues in 2017! This week’s Turn Around Story highlights the journey of Mr. Uday Jain, Co-owner of Home Castle.  Being at the top and maintaining quality are two different goals and with his commitment to excellence, Mr. Uday has managed to achieve both. The manner in which he has done it, has helped him stand out as one of the top ShopClues sellers in his category. This is his tale of constant endeavors to be nothing but the best.

Uday Jain - Committed ShopClues Sellers

                                                                                 Mr. Uday Jain, Co-Owner, Home Castle
Turn Around Moment

A hard working individual, Mr. Uday was in small businesses from the very beginning of his college days. However, a few observations at the end of college changed his life. He noticed that most of his college mates wanted to do nothing but enjoy. They did not have any future planning or any objective. Seeing them motivated him to create some meaning and value out of his life instead of wasting it. He was determined to not be like them, but have many goals and achieve all of them to live a meaningful life.

                                                           Mr. Uday Jain (left) and Mr. Pankaj Mendiratta, Co-Owners of Home Castle
Starting Out As ShopClues Sellers

After this decision, Mr. Uday made a self-commitment to not use any resources from his parents who had their own business. This independent spirit led him and his partner, Mr. Pankaj Mendiratta to start an imports based business, selling imported bedsheets. One day, they got an order of 2200 pieces from an online seller. This opened their eyes to the immense opportunity that eCommerce had and they decided to become ShopClues sellers.

Building The ‘Home Castle’ Brand

Home Castle started in 2015. The initial feedback complained of law quality products. Mr. Uday acted immediately and started purchasing from international suppliers. Packaging was a priority from day one and they looked for ways to innovate and increase customer satisfaction. To impress customers, they expanded their catalog to include unique products that their competitors did not have. Gradually, they started included name tags for customers to remember them. Currently the store has expanded its category line to include bathroom furnishings. Every year Home Castle keeps products just for the festive season which boosts its sales. As a result of these practices, the store is fast approaching a lifetime order count of 1,00,000 orders!

His Business Ka Funda

“Money will come and go, but the brand should be known” says Mr. Uday. Customer satisfaction is his primary objective as he believes that happy customers will always come back to shop from him. This is why there is no compromise on quality, especially as he is correctly aware that customers are expecting better quality with each purchase they make. “Few short term losses do not matter because we are building a long-term project with loyal customers” It is because of this knowledge, dedication and spirt, we are sure that Mr. Uday and Home Castle are truly destined for success!

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