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 “Your present circumstances don’t determine where you can go; they just determine where you start” – Nido Qubein

Chandan Singh’s story is both inspirational and a great reminder of eCommerce’s potential. He has had to make compromises and difficult choices throughout his life. However, he has not allowed any of them to pull him down. Instead, he takes them as opportunities to show his capability and talent. This determination to constantly move ahead is the biggest factor behind his success. Which is why, we are both proud and delighted to share this week’s Turn Around Story – Chandan Singh of LowestPriceDeals

From Rags To Riches

Things were never easy for Mr. Chandan. He had to give up his education and support the family from a very young age. But he was sure that his learning would never stop. Hence, he joined English classes while doing multiple jobs and earning money. A friend was extremely impressed by this attitude and offered him a job at his eCommerce firm.

Turn Around Moment

While working here, Mr. Chandan realised that his salary was quite low and he was not getting as much as he deserved. He was refused a hike in his salary, so he left the job. Alone and without money, he did not let circumstances defeat him once again. After the experience, Mr. Chandan was sure that he was capable enough to run his own eCommerce firm. He got in touch with a cousin who agreed to finance the project. Thus, an entrepreneur was born.

The Growth Of Lowest Price Deals

Throughout his career, Mr. Chandan had given nothing but his best. This carried over with him when he started his store : LowestPriceDeals. Quality has been the priority from day one. Mr. Chandan has compromised on his margins, but the quality of products has only increased. One of the tactics used was to get rid of middlemen, and source the raw material directly. They would then get craftsmen to produce the products, thereby saving many costs. All these efforts were aided by timely promotions of ShopClues. As a result, LowestPriceDeals has crossed the landmark of getting over 1,00,000 orders!

Lessons From The Turn Around Story – Chandan Singh & His Fundas

The biggest lesson which we can all take from Mr. Chandan is that you can achieve anything with belief, hard word work and determination. He strongly believes in his identity and would never try and get quick profits which harm customers. This would permanently harm his reputation, something which is unacceptable to him. ” I understand that there is a lot of competition. But I stay tension free because I am confident in my abilities.” Thanks to these qualities and strong business practices, Mr. Chandan has overcome every challenge he has faced. ShopClues Seller salutes his spirit and is sure that he will achieve a lot more in his eCommerce career!

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