Seller Turn Around Story – Ashish Umrao, Kart India

This Week's Turn Around Story - Ashish Umrao of KartIndia

It takes tremendous strength to rise above a tragedy at a very young age. However, it takes even more strength to follow your dreams after suffering such a loss. Today’s featured seller, Mr. Ashish Umrao, is one of these very individuals. He lost his father at a very young age. Thereafter, he had to support the family by earning and adding to the income. Despite this, he was sure that he wanted to follow his dreams and start his own business. He has now managed to achieve these goals. Which is why, we are proud to share today’s Turn Around Story – Ashish Umrao, of Kart India.                                                 

                                                                                  Mr. Ashish Umrao, Founder, KartIndia
Overcoming Challenges To Follow His Dreams

Mr. Ashish had quite a rough childhood. He lost his father at a very young age. As a result, he had to odd jobs to sustain the family. This made him realise that he was a capable worker and made him feel confident that he could be an entrepreneur. However, his family was not supportive of these thoughts. He graduated into the prestigious Hindu college and after that was able to change his life.

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Turn Around Moment

In college, Mr. Ashish was able to be in an environment that was helpful for learners. He took full advantage of this opportunity to read and research. He would take time out and give tutions to earn money. Online shopping caught his interest and he would frequently buy things from eCommerce stores. Then, one day he realised that these products were sold not by the company, but by sellers. And these sellers were people just like him. This was followed by extensive research on how to start an eCommerce company. The process ended in 2014 with the birth of Kart India.

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Making His Dreams Come True

Starting a company without support is an incredibly hard to task. Mr. Ashish had to break into his savings, since his family did not help him out. Kart India was initially something he did on the side, parallel to studying. He quickly realised that eCommerce perfectly suited his personality. Being a shy individual, he did not feel confident with selling products face to face. It also helped him do something unique because the eCommerce boom had just hit India. Most importantly it helped him create an identity of his own. As a result of these, he stuck on to the store and made it into a full time business. Thereby, his dreams were also fulfilled. It has proven to be a great decision as Kart India is all set to achieve 1,00,000 orders in its lifetime!

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Lessons of Turn Around Story – Ashish Umrao & His Fundas

The first thing which Mr. Ashish decided while starting the brand was his target audience. He wanted to reach out to eCommerce users in Tier 3 and Tier 4 cities as he was excited by their potential. As a result, the store is designed with the utmost simplicity that appeals to such an audience. The value for money pricing and focus on quality, make it appealing. The success of his store has also helped Mr. Ashish fulfill another dream. “Another reason for being an entrepreneur is that I want to be a job creator” he says. We, at ShopClues are proud of his spirit, his drive, intelligence, passion and are sure that his success story will have many more chapters!

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