Seller Turn Around Story – Amit Kumar, RR Footwear

Turn Around Story - Amit Kumar and his store RR Footwear

“Most great people have attained their greatest success, just one step beyond their greatest failure” This quote from Napolean Hill is certainly applicable for Mr. Amit Kumar’s life. Throughout his life and career, he has never let circumstances beat him. He considers setbacks to be a learning opportunity, and has become stronger instead of feeling weaker. Here’s presenting this week’s Turn Around Story – Amit Kumar, owner of RR footwear.

Defeating Adversity Since Childhood

Mr Amit did not grow up in the easiest of circumstances. His father was a farmer and had to struggle a lot. This inspired Mr. Amit to constantly overcome difficulties and emerge as a winner, just like his father. He would take this spirit throughout his student life – which ended with an MBA degree – and career. Defeating all the odds, he became a branch manager at a very reputed insurance organisation.

Turn Around Moment

It was through this office that Mr. Amit had his first eCommerce experience. He always wanted to have his own businesses, and was patient to wait for the right time. It came when he met an enthusiastic colleague who made him feel that he should leave the job and follow his dreams. They started an eCommerce store in 2013. Unfortunately things did not go as planned, and Mr. Amit stepped aside from that venture. This experience taught him the value of research, which is something he has always used on his path to success.

The Start Of RR Footwear

Instead of backing down and returning to a regular job, Mr. Amit started researching on what to do next. This led him to believe that he should start an online footwear store. There was not an excessive amount of competition in this category. Yet, considering its daily usage and customers’ tendency to spend on it, footwear appeared to have high potential. Mr. Amit took his time and started RR Footwear in 2017, with the first store in ShopClues. After only one year of operations, RR Footwear can boast of shipping 48% of its orders within 24 hours!

Lessons From The Turn Around Story – Amit Kumar & His Business Fundas

Mr. Amit designed RR Footwear as a brand for those who run behind their dreams. He is a strong believer in the power of satisfaction. “For me it is more important to be satisfied with my work than earning money.” He tries to ensure that both his customers and employees are constantly happy and satisfied. The store’s performance and the satisfaction of his employees indicates that he is certainly on the right track. ShopClues is sure that with these positive values, strong business sense and resilience, Mr. Amit and RR Footwear are on the path to achieve a lot of success!

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