Turn Around Stories – Vishal Gurejani, Foxy Eyewear

It requires a lot of strength to recover from a broken dream and rebuilding yourself. But the strongest are those who continue following it, even after stumbling . Which is why they are able to come back with something far more stronger. This is the essence of Mr. Vishal Gurejani’s story, and how he turned his life around. Welcome to ShopClues Seller’s latest feature – Turn Around Stories. Here we shall highlight stories of our merchants and how they were able to transform their lives. The first story, that of Mr. Vishal Gurejani of Foxy Eyewear, shows us how “failure is the stepping stone to success.”

                                                                                              Mr. Vishal Gurejani

Having his Own Startup

Mr. Vishal wanted to be nothing else, but an entrepreneur. A highly strategic individual, he wanted his startup to be unique and serve user needs. His plan? Learning from being in a startup and then taking the plunge. Everything was moving in time when decided to be his own boss.

The Turn Around Moment

It started with a car based startup in 2012. However, due to unfortunate circumstances, Mr. Vishal had to shut it down within a few months. He did not let this crush him. Instead he took it as an experience to learn from. Not giving up on his dreams, Mr. Vishal started searching for a product which could give him a competitive edge. Once again plans were made. And this time it was the perfect recipe for success.Keeping Victory In Sight

Due to limited funds, Mr. Vishal could not afford an office and employees. Ecommerce provided a suitable solution because of the option to work from home. He began Foxy Eyewear – an online store selling eye wear, lenses and frames – in 2013 and started selling with ShopClues. It was a die or die attitude from one. Foxy Eyewear started with a large catalog of almost 2000 products which provided a variety of options to users. This proved to be the winning formula!

The Ingredients For Success

Foxy Eyewear has kept variety as its top priority. The store has a wide catalog which is bound to tempt users in the very first impression. But what truly sets it apart is its collection of “outdated” products. These are products which stopped selling because they went out of fashion a few years ago. Mr. Vishal felt that a few users might be searching for them, or be happy to find them there and nowhere else. This strategy has proven to be a difference maker and is one of the reasons that has helped it achieve over 1,00,000 orders!

His Zindagi Ka Funda

A strong thinker, Mr. Vishal has tried to improve the business through his extensive catalog. He is aware of how more products gives a depth that immediately separates a store from others. This reflects in his personal belief that survival is about being different and smart. “Comparing yourself with others will only damage yourself. Compare yourself, with only yourself and try and improve each time”. These are the words he runs by. And they are very strong words, which we are very sure will bring only more success!

We hoped you were as inspired as us after going through this story. Here’s hoping that it motivates you to turn things around and transform your life as well!

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