Top 5 Business Mistakes To Avoid

Mistakes are a part of journey, because well.. none of us are perfect! However, think about this. What if we told you that, we have a few hacks which can help you minimise making mistakes? Wouldn’t it help you save your time and help you become more efficient! So, here’s presenting 4 common mistakes which most eCommerce sellers make.

1) Setting Unrealistic Goals

You can’t start a business without a few goals, can you. While making these goals, make sure they are realistic. Understand yourself, your strengths and your limitations. And keep your expectations and goals according to that. Think of it this way: A regular bodybuilder might be able to lift an 80KG weight. Can someone who has joined the gym do it in 2 weeks?!

2) Not Adapting To Mobile & Social Media

It’s been quite a while since India turned mobile. As an eCommerce seller, you have to think of being mobile adaptive. If your product sizes are not mobile friendly, you run the risk of missing out on quite a lot of customers. Similarly, Facebook has now become a part of almost everyone’s daily routine. Which is why, you cannot avoid it! Build a social media presence and try and sell your products there!

3) Focus On Offers & Not Benefits

Offers are great. They help draw the user’s attention, and good offers will inevitably increase your sales. But its wrong to assume that customers will be interest in only the offers. Ultimately customers are interested in how the product be of value to them. How will they benefit after buying it. That is why you have to focus on benefits first. Then, combine it with a tempting offer!

4) Doing ONLY What Is Working

Imagine this : You like eating idlis from a particular restaurant. But one day, a friend tells you about another idli restaurant. If you like it, you would want to go back there right? Same way, customers might like your store initially. But all it takes is them to something from another store and be tempted away! It’s great to have a winning formula. Sticking only to that, might not help you over a long period of time. So innovate and try to come up with one better!

5) Thinking You Are Alone

Steve Jobs once said ” Great Things in Business are done by Teams”. One of the biggest mistakes many sellers make is thinking that they can do this alone. To succeed, you need to have a great team. The number of people doesn’t matter. Everyone has to stick together in a great environment and happily work together. And never forget, your biggest teammates are your family/friends!

It’s ok to make mistakes. But we hope that this hack sheet spares you the trouble of having to make them first!



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