Tips To Sell on WhatsApp & Increase Your Sales

Selling on Whatsapp

Selling on Whatsapp



Do you use Whatspp? Ofcourse! Can you name 10 people who don’t use WhatsApp on their smartphone? We doubt you can. There is no doubt that WhatsApp has emerged as the most frequently used message application today. Not only chatting, but it has become an amazing platform to fetch more sales. But like any other platform, you should also know the effective way to sell on WhatsApp. So, here we have come up with easy yet extremely useful tricks.


1) Get An Official Number for Selling On WhatsApp

It is recommended to get a separate number only for your business purposes. You can use this number only for product sharing and communicating with your potential customers. Reason? Well, you might have to share this number with many of your buyers. So, it will allow you to separate your personal and professional activities. 


2) Promote Your Store Link Among Family & Friends
Once you have an official number, start selling to the people you personally know. You can share your ShopClues product link separately or create a shopping group, add your contacts and start sharing links at once.  All you need to do is to create a catchy line and place the link to your store below it. Circulate this among your family and friends. Believe us, your friends and family would become your first customers. 🙂 


3) Create A WhatsApp Group
You might be aware of the “Groups” feature of WhatsApp and be part of many groups as well. Use this to your advantage by creating a group for your store online.


However, do not simply fill the group with the link to your store or its products. Create interactions among users by asking for their feedback on your store and products. Make the users involved in your group. Once that is achieved, it will be easier for you to sell your products. 


4) Do Not Overuse it

The key trick to selling your products through WhatsApp is limiting yourself. Do not keep on sending links to your contacts or groups. Overuse of WhatsApp will irritate everyone who keeps on receiving the message. Do not share products of 50 links in a day. For groups, only 5-10 links in a day are sufficient and only if you have an active group with lots of conversation. Limited messages will get attention instead of annoying frequent messages. 


5) Use WhatsApp Business
Started only a month back, WhatsApp Business App allows companies to directly interact with customers. It has the same look as WhatsApp, but is much more business-centric in nature. Here you can create a profile with information like business description, email and store address. You can send customized messages as well as quick replies to frequently asked questions. This gives an effective professional touch. 


As you can see, there are many features and opportunities for you to sell through WhatsApp. All you

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