The Leadership Team Speaks About Learning From Failure!

“Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently” – Henry Ford (Father of modern automobile manufacturing)

In today’s competitive world, we are all afraid to fail. However, failure is not something to be scared of. In fact, it is a stepping stone; a way of learning what will not work. Taking these lessons and not repeating them is a way of going forward. As a Teacher’s Day special, we bring to you lessons from failure : from our Leadership Team!

1) Radhika Ghai : ShopClues Co-Founder & CBO
Radhika Ghai

“In the first Valentine’s Day of the company (in 2012) we got 300 orders. And the vendor could not be contacted, because he had run away. So the team came together and fulfilled each other with a personal apology letter. This helped us create many processes, and also consolidated my belief in the team to overcome any difficult situation!”

2) Sanjay Sethi : ShopClues Co-Founder & CEO

“When I was working at SAIL something happened which changed my life forever. I was the mechanical maintenance-in-charge of my shop in the steel plant. One day, because of my mistake an expensive piece of machinery broke down, and its repair cost was more than my annual salary.

When my GM called me for a talk, I was scared to death. But all he told me was make sure you don’t break it any more. This made me confident about navigating through failure!”

3) Vishal Sharma – Senior Vice President, Operations

“In high school, my Mathematics teacher was extremely enthusiastic. He often spoke about josh and would explain the subject in a way that it would reach our hearts more than our brains.

One day, I was getting very confused in a problem. All he did was come up to my and said that word again – josh! That’s all I needed to try thinking again. I now realise that this incident has helped me progress in my career with the “josh factor”

4) Ritika Taneja – Assistant Vice President & Category Head

“I learnt from a young age that failure is actually a friend. This is all because of my teachers. They would never help with the answer but allow me to make my choices. Thanks to them appreciating my efforts more than my scores, I have made many mistakes. And that has allowed me to believe in second chances and come back stronger!”

If you fail, then worry not! Try again and with more effort. Sincere efforts will eventually result in success! Good Luck!

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