Super Stories of Our ShopClues Super Sellers!

Shopclues Super Seller

We, at ShopClues, believe that eCommerce has the power to change lives for the better. Over the years, there are many merchants who have inspired us with their stories. Their determination to succeed has constantly inspired us by showing what our merchants are capable of achieving. It motivates us to do more for our merchants so that we can see many more success stories like theirs. We proudly present to you, the stories of our ShopClues Super Sellers for the month of December!


1) Vidya Ashok Deore – Owner, We2:


Vidya Ashok Deore

Within 2 years of starting her business, Vidya Ashok Deore has a turnover of Rs 2 crores. A strong example of self-confidence she has gained this success thanks Inflatable Slide to smart networking and understanding the future opportunity of garments in eCommerce.


2) Rinkle Arora Bajaj – Owner, Jars Collection:


Rinkle Bajaj


Starting from a small room in Panipat, Rinkle Arora Bajaj’s store gets 1500-2000 orders per day. Constant research and will power are the secrets to her success.


3) Himanshu Rathore – Owner, Dealsnbuy:


Himanshu Rathore


At just 19 years old, Himanshu Rathore’s store gets 2000 orders per day and sells more than 450 products! The only thing he thinks about is how to make his business successful and for the world to know his work.


4) Khushie Agarwal – Owner, Casa Joya:




A mother of two, Khushie Agarwal believes that being a working mother is not hard. All that needs to be done is maintaining your priorities. She is now an international garments exporter and owns two manufacturing units!


5) Ritika Mehra – Owner, Dealsfive:


Ritika Mehra


Many doubted her move, but Ritika Mehra’s hard work has made her store a top seller in the denims category. She now owns her own manufacturing unit as well.


6) Ankur Goyal – Owner, Dream Collection:


Ankur goyal 2


At only 21 years of age Ankur Goyal is aware of how eCommerce is about convenience and wants to bring that to his customers. He now earns a factory that manufactures 15,000-20,000 products in a month.


7) Neelam Kakrayam – Owner, Rimsha:


Neelam Kakrayam


Neelam Kakrayam is a fashion designer turned entrepreneur with a lot of enthusiasm. She had limited knowledge of eCommerce when she started. Her quick learning and understanding of cataloging has enabled her store to earn Rs 2.5 lakh each month!


Here is hoping that their stories can inspire you to start the New Year on a positive note. After all, they are just ordinary people with the extraordinary ability to work hard for their dreams to come true.


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