Super Merchant(s) of The Week – Jain Family, Indoselection

“Family is not an important thing. It is everything” – Michael J. Fox.

We all know many families who strongly believe this thought. But have you heard of a family who have given up their regular jobs to work with each other? That is exactly what the Jain family has done! It has been a combination of love and respect for each other which started this business. These thoughts, combined with some wonderful business practices have led to their immense success! That is why we proud to feature the Jain family in this week’s Turn Around Story – Jain Family, SBJ Indoselection

Starting The Business For The Family

Love for family is the reason why this business started. After 35 years of service in the banking sector, Mr. S.B. Jain needed to keep himself occupied after retirement. At the same time, he wanted his family to be involved so that all of them could so something together. That is why his youngest son Prashant Jain – who had a marketing background – thought of starting an eCommerce website. Thereafter, Mr S.B. Jain, Mr. Prashant Jain and his sister-in-law, Mrs. Rakhi Jain launched “” in 2014. Thanks to their large catalog, they had a successful launch.

The Turn Around Moment

Mr. Prashant Jain started to notice frequent fluctuations in the business performance. For a while they would get high orders, but that would soon be followed by a dip. Quickly, he realised that a drop in the business coincided with negative customer feedback. This was not a coincidence but repeating each time. Thereafter the business decided to be customer centric. Instead of increasing sales, they would focus on product quality and raw materials. Additionally, Mr and Mrs. Jain also ensured that there was top quality manufacturing at each step of the production process. Following this change, the business has been on a constant upward surge!

Showing Constant Growth Ever Since

After the root cause of their problem was resolved, Mr. & Mrs. Jain executed the perfect business plan. As soon as their orders increased, they used the additional profits to improve the infrastructure. First they hired a few employees, then increased the machinery and finally, got better packaging to improve user experience. Their production techniques are completed after a lot of research, so that they are in line with the latest customer demands. Starting from a website, SBJ Enterprises is now an ISO certified company with 1 factory and 2 full-fledged offices. The biggest show of their success? This store now has over 3 Lac orders!

Business Fundas From The Jain Family

The biggest mantra which everyone in the family shares is “one should work with passion”.  Everyone understands that they are operating in a tough business and should constantly adapt. Else they will just die out. As a result, they constantly expand their catalog with not only the trends but also try and predict what customers can be fond of. Currently the focus is on spiritual and yoga based products, as they feel that it is a specialised category which can do well. With such strong values, business sense and understanding, ShopClues is sure that this family has nothing but a bright future ahead!



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