Super Merchant of the Month – Sushil Aggarwal, Onus Marketing

Having the ability to adapt is one of the biggest factors for being successful. That is why it is important to constantly be aware. Aware of industry trends & what customers are attracted to. And then use this to modify your business in a way that suits their needs & comforts. Doing so will enable your business to achieve immense success. It is the mantra of our Super Seller of the Month – Mr. Sushil Aggarwal of Onus Marketing.

The Start

Since his childhood, Mr. Aggarwal had a keen sense of conversation. He could understand people by chatting with them & be empathetic of their situation. This allowed him to connect with people around him. It became the base quality of an extremely aware individual, who was capable of understanding things around him.

From Offline to Online

Mr. Aggarwal grew into an extremely smart individual thanks to the qualities described above. His shoe brand – Clymb was doing extremely well. Around 4 years ago, he noticed the shift towards online transactions. Customers embraced eCommerce because of the ease of use that came with it. Mr. Sushil then decided to get into it through online sellers. After a few months of observation, he realised that these online sellers were having tremendous profits. Which is why, he decided to shift the majority of his business into eCommerce

Towards ECommerce Success

Mr. Aggarwal started Onus Marketing around 4 years back. He immediately realised that he had to play a volume based game. At the same time, quality could not be compromised by even a small margin. He set high standards of quality which had to be met while manufacturing the product. Also, eCommerce meant low prices. Even that was taken into consideration.

After a lot of planning, standards were created so that their shoes could be sold at:

  • Highest Quality
  • Lowest Prices
  • Fastest Time
The Outcome – Sustainable Success

Thanks to his sharp acumen, understanding and work ethic, Mr. Aggarwal created a super-successful brand. Clymb is now a highly valued brand, that has been consistently selling 1500 orders per month! And all of this is a result of a measured approach and changing with times & customer needs. Without compromising on the production & operation standards. These strong ethics make Mr. Sushil Aggarwal a true Super Merchant!

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