Super Merchant of the Month – Saurabh Gunderia, Love Baby

It’s easy to get stuck in your comfort zone and be satisfied. But, Success comes to those who push themselves beyond that. Because they see something different. And identify new avenues to expand. This attitude is what makes a Super-Seller. Just like our Super Merchant of the Month, Mr. Saurabh Gunderia, of Johnson Hosiery Works.

                                                                         Our Super Merchant – Mr. Saurabh Gunderia, Owner of Love Baby

Mr. Gunderia’s father owns the 30 year old Johnson Hosiery Works. When the time came for him to join, Mr. Saurabh realised very quickly that he needed to do something different. They were certainly an established brand. But he also knew that competition, so he needed to think of other avenues.

This led to him identifying eCommerce as a potential. He contacted & at a time when hardly anyone knew about them. Mr. Saurabh created a new section called Love Baby (positioned as complete story for every baby’s needs) as an expansion unit and they joined ShopClues in 2013.

The benefits? Johnson Hosiery Works has been contacted by a wider range of clients. Mr. Saurabh heads their digital division, and is able to streamline his work. Now, he can control multiple divisions together. He has also taken advantage of the medium to track things more effectively. Mr. Saurabh believes in accountability and his personnel are independent enough to be accountable for their actions.

The end result? Today, Love Baby gets almost 5000 orders per month. During promotional phases, they get 500 orders per day. Mr. Saurabh Gunderia’s vision has ensured that an established brand has a modern image and new avenues. His leadership ensures an endless potential and scope to grow. We congratulate him for achieving so much, and wish him & Love Baby a super bright future!

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