Super Merchant of The Month: Mr.Bhavesh, Super Saver Sale

Two common factors among all entrepreneurs are.. 1) The vision to identify potential & 2) The ability to execute plans. This is what makes them stand out. Just like our Super Merchant of the Month, Mr. Bhavesh from Super Saver Sale! Here’s his story

Q1: Tell us something about yourself?

I’m from Rajkot, I used to work as an engineer but after understanding the opportunity in eCommerce I started my own online business.

Q2: How/Why did you decide to get into eCommerce?

I was working as an Engineer when ShopClues celebrated their first anniversary, I saw that thought of entering into eCommerce through by taking the advantage of my home Rajkot known as “the manufacturing hub of plastic kitchenware”.

Q3: How was your journey – from day 1 to where you are now?

When I started doing the business we were not able to understand eCommerce terms such as visits, clicks etc.  In cases of low conversions,  we came in contact with the account managers who were really helpful to help us. We did a lot of repricing and inflatable obstacle course improved the images of the products which helped us in getting orders. I also collaborated with ShopClues for the launch of the Private Label “Kitchen Idol” for kitchenware products. Today we are working very successfully with all the eCommerce companies in India and have Trademarks for our brands such as “SRK International”.

Q4: What are a few practices you follow that have made you successful?

In the beginning I learnt from our errors. Earlier I used 3 Ply cardboard in packaging and now we use 5 Ply packaging for lesser damages. We also use random checking of our products to make sure that we are efficient in sending the exact product which was ordered by the customer.



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