Super Merchant of the Month – Asheesh Arora, Net Retail

From the get go, he had identified his strengths. And has risen to success with a laser shaped focus. Meet Mr. Asheesh Arora of Net Retail and read his success story!

Tell us something about yourself?

My name is Asheesh Arora and I would like to identify myself as an eCommerce trader. My business is my biggest passion, and it’s what keeps me going!

How did you decide to get into eCommerce?

I have followed eCommerce ever since it became the latest buzzword. I realised that it is attracting everyone & has quite a universal toddler bouncy castle appeal. Since there were so many buyers, the potential for growth was quite immense. Keeping all these factors in mind, I decided to dive into it.

How was your journey – from day 1 to where you are now?

Each journey is bound to have ups and downs. But it’s the way you deal with the so called “bad times” that end up shaping you. I consider my journey to be amazing. Why? Because my passion has made me see challenges as an opportunity, and not a burden. Facing them and going through them has resulted in either success, or things that I’ve learnt – not “bad times”. And both have helped me to grow.

What are a few practices you follow that have made you successful?

Playing to my strengths & identifying opportunities. I am a very strong believer in research. Which is why I’ve conducted many market surveys. This have helped me understand the thought process of my buyers. It has also helped me stay in touch with market trends, so I know very clearly how my products are to be designed.

I also analyse numbers a lot. Constant calculations have helped me identify my strength areas and where I can improve. They have helped me identify how to reduce losses and consequently become profitable.


With such a wonderful strategic approach, we are sure that he’s bound for much more success. Kudos to you, Mr.Asheesh!

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