Step Into The World of Colour Therapy

Colours are constantly all around us. But do we ever think about how we see them?

Color therapy is broadly the study of how colors impact our behaviour. Some might soothe us, some energise us. According to this study, some even heal us!

It does not hurt you & is used as a complementary treatment alongside other treatments. Check out the different forms of this treatment.


Promotes:   Energy, strength, motivation, confidence, will-power, courage, initiative, focussing on attention to detail

Good for:   Depression, negativity, shyness (avoid in anger, irritability)


Promotes:   Stimulates body and mind, self-esteem, optimism, inner strength, creativity, self-expression, happiness, opens mind to new ideas and perspectives, revitalising

Good for:    Depression, negativity, trauma, stress, bereavement and loss


Promotes:   Enthusiasm, balancing thoughts and feelings, wisdom

Good for:   Depression (especially during menopause), stress, anxiety


Promotes:  Uplifting, cleansing, self-respect, self-confidence, self-control, ability to rationalise and reason, contentment, mentally stimulating

Good for:   Depression, despair, fatigue, negativity, sensitivity to criticism, lack of confidence (avoid in insomnia, hyperactivity)


Promotes:   Balance, harmony, personal development, self-acceptance, compassion for self and others, renewal

Good for:   Stress, anxiety, self-pity, confusion


Promotes:  Calm, peace, relaxation, slowing down, steadying, self-expression, intuition, honesty, truth, creativity

Good for:   Insomnia, stress, anxiety, over-excitement, anger


Promotes:   Inspiration, imagination, empathy, sense of belonging, helping others, self-respect, dignity

Good for:   Stress, anxiety, obsessions, lack of confidence, low self-esteem, severe depression


Promotes:   Calm, clarity of thought, affection, compassion, nurturing, kindness, resolving

Good for:   Difficult relationships, insomnia, anger, aggression, over-sensitivity


Promotoes: Resistance, obstruction, opposition, and enmity.

Good for: Shooing away hatred


Black should be used sparingly, as too much black can cause depression or aggravate such emotional/mental conditions. Black also increases fear, suspicion and paranoia.


Promotes:  Purity, virtue & spirituality, vitality & supportive feelings.

Good for: Healing fevers, infections & pain, calming the heart, mind, nerves and emotions.

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