Staying Healthy This Tax Season!

“The hardest thing to understand in the world is Income Taxes” – Albert Einstein (He actually said this!). Taxes can be really taxing! So here is our checklist to help you survive!

1) Stay Prepared – Get Your Savings In Order!

Put the money you make from selling on ShopClues inflatable games in various savings accounts. This will ensure your taxes are always in check. It’s also good planning for the future!

2) Have Curd – To Keep Yourself Cool!

There’s surely a lot of stress in getting everything together. Cool down with some curd/dahi/chaas! Not only your head, but your stomach will also thank you!


                                                                                   Unless you want to pay fines, yes!
3) Don’t Lose Sleep – By Insuring Yourself!

A proper insurance plan reduces your stress. How? You know that you always have sufficient funds for yourself! Insurance also helps you reduce taxes.So get insured now!

4) Remember – To Link Your Aadhar Card To Your PAN Card!

Avoid unnecessary complications with this simple step!

5) Verify – Your TDS In Form 26AS!

Access your form 26AS and confirm that the tax deducted matches with your TDS and Form 16 Certificates. This is to avoid unnecessary hassles in the future!

So there you have it! Follow these steps and come out of the tax season victorious!



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