4 Sibling Pairs Who Are Successful Entrepreneurs!

Are you and your brother/sister the best of friends? Or can’t spend a minute without fighting each other?! No matter what your equation, your sibling could be your strongest business partner! This Rakhi, we highlight some amazing siblings who have gone on and become quite successful entrepreneurs!

1) Rashmi Sinha & Amit Ranjan – Slideshare

Today, Slideshare is synonymous with online presentations and gaining knowledge. It was started in 2006 by the sibling duo of Amit Ranjan and Rashmi Sinha. Both of them where going through a stagnant phase, and decided to team up and start their own company. The company currently has over 80 million unique visitors each month, with around 38 million registered users. It was acquired by LinkedIn in 2012, for the sum of $119 million!

                                                                                                                 Picture Courtesy – Economic Times
2) Divyank & Bhavin Thurakhia – Media.net

Launched in 2010, this is an advertisement technology firm which is said to be one of Google’s biggest competitor. Its ad network reaches out to over a 100 million desktop users, which is as close at it gets to Google ads. Media.net had annual revenues of $232 Million before being sold to a Chinese consortium for $900 Million. This makes the Thurakhia brothers one among the handful of “billion dollar Indian entrepreneurs.”

                                                                                                                       Picture Courtesy – QZ.com
3) Anjali & Nik Kundra – Partender

Praised as an extremely innovative company, Partender has been major boon for bars. It helps them manage inventory and ensures that through its software, bars do not run out of stock. Partender also helps in managing prices. Their smooth back-end and strong logistical support ensures that the party never stops. The company’s is heavily backed by Arielle Zuckerberg, who is Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg’s sister!

                                                                                                                         Image Courtesy : Inc.com
4) Rahul & Gaurav Vohra – Superhuman

Imagine an email experience which is an Artificial Intelligence powered personal assistance tool. Something out of a science-fiction novel? Well, it actually exists! The Vohra brothers launched Superhuman in 2015. It is lauded by technology experts for innovative features like precise scheduling, reading who has opened your mail, and smooth speed. Currently, only a premium service, it will be launched for the masses very soon!

                                                                                                             Picture Courtesy : Entrepreneur.com

We hope this encourages you to pause the brother/sister rivalry or become closer to them. After all, who will understand you better than your sibling!


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