ShopClues Super Merchant Of The Week – Ravi Kaliraman, Walking on Air

Our Seller Turn Around Story - Ravi Kaliraman, Walking on Air

In today’s world, it is extremely rare to find individuals who are devoted to their families. Which is why, Ravi Kaliraman is an exception. Instead of going away from home (like many people do today), he returned back to be with his parents. However, this has not stopped him from becoming a successful businessman. Find out how he is able to efficiently manage both work and family. Here’s presenting this week’s Super Merchant – Ravi Kaliraman, owner of Walking On Air.

The Desire To Be Independent

Mr. Ravi had a strong interest and inclination towards the media industry. Therefore he started his career in the IT department of a news firm. He soon realised that marketing came naturally to him, and soon switched over to the marketing department. However, he felt that he was not utilising his talents effectively. He wanted to use his skills and capacity to work hard for his own business, and not as an employee of a company. And it is at this point, that his life turned around.

The Turn Around Moment

While he was listening to suggestions on what to do next, a colleague strongly advised him to start an eCommerce store. Mr. Ravi paid attention and after some research, he started with a footwear store in 2015. The store was performing quite well, thanks to his strong knowledge in both IT & marketing. At the same time, Mr. Ravi knew that his priorities were different. And soon, he was able to fulfil them.

Returning To Be With His Family

Since his childhood, Mr. Ravi was a very family oriented individual. He was born in Bhiwani, Haryana and was sure that he would one day return to be with his family. That moment came when his store had become a success and he had gained sufficient confidence in himself. After that, he shut it down, and shifted to Bhiwani to be with his family. Once he was back home, he started his current store – Walking On Air. The store ships 50% of all orders within 24 hours, and Mr. Ravi has tripled his income from his days as an employee

Lessons From The Turn Around Story – Ravi Kaliraman And His Business Fundas

The biggest lesson which we can all learn from this story is to follow our hearts. Mr. Ravi loves the fact that he can constantly be with his family. Extremely fond of challenges, he wants to constantly improve himself by getting better results. In spite of this significant increase in income, he remains grounded. “So many people come for poor background and have overcome more odds than me” is what he feels. The fact that he recognises his privileges makes him a uniquely thoughtful individual. And it is because of a combination of all these factors, we are sure that Mr. Ravi Kaliraman and Walking On Air are bound for greater thi

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