Selling In The Lockdown – Mr. Mhd. Shahzada, Pause International

This year has been a major turning point in all our lives. It has brought about unprecedented changes that have impacted everything we do. However, even in the middle of the changes, our sellers have been nothing but incredible. They’ve shown a really strong spirit & are determined to overcome all obstacles. Today, we’re proud to highlight the story & experiences of Mr. Mhd Shahzada – Store Owner of Pause International.

Since the initial days of the Lockdown were a little tough, Mr. Shahzada used this time to strategize & plan for the future. He is extremely proud of his staff, who he says were always there. “Everyone in my team has been amazing. From processing to packaging – they were all there. Kudos to such a wonderful group!” he exclaims proudly.

Mr. Shahzada is also extremely grateful to ShopClues for its support. He says “ShopClues has been really supportive & encouraging. The team were there by my side, helping me understanding the latest norms, guidelines as well as customer requirements quite easily. They provided all passes & documentation so that my team & goods could move freely without hassle.”

He had some interesting insights on customer’s behavior during these last few minutes. “Nowadays quite a number of customers are buying in bulk. Also, customers are going back to basics. People are preferring convenience over looking trendy. So, we are trying to promote products accordingly.” he adds.

Such a wonderful understanding of his audience, a strong team & the willingness to learn – the combination of these three make Mr. Shahzada & Pause International a success story. Even the Lockdown has been unable to halt their success. We are sure that with such an attitude, the sky is the limit for them!


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