Seller Success Story – Stonx By Dheeraj Garg


The growth of eCommerce has undoubtedly improved lives across the country and not just because things can be easily purchased. Selling online is a constant source of income for many individuals across the country. These individuals have used eCommerce to pursue their passion and ultimately gain a lot of success. Today, we put the spotlight on one such individual: Mr. Dheeraj Garg and his self-created brand Stonx, which has now allowed him to have his own factory.


The Start Of His Journey – His Idea

Hailing from Loharu in Haryana, Dheeraj came to Delhi to start his journey in Charted Accountancy. He was fascinated by the eCommerce craze which started from the year 2014. He would follow eCommerce rigorously and was extremely determined that one day he would surely be selling online full-time. After a few initial experiments, the idea for Stonx came suddenly during the time of his article ship.


In the middle of a professional conversation, Dheeraj was quick to identify the potential that power banks had. He was also aware that there could be a healthy competition in this sector. So, he came up with an idea that made the brand stand out in the crowd and become extremely attractive. Dheeraj focussed on the packaging. He ensured that whenever customers received his product, the laminated touch and professional design ensured that the customer felt they were receiving a high-end mobile phone and not simply a power bank.


Selling on ShopClues

After initially selling for a number of websites, he joined ShopClues in December 2016. He received a number of insights, which helped him sell better. As a result, a journey which started from getting 2 orders in a day, has now resulted in him having his own manufacturing unit in Narela, Delhi.


“First impression is the last impression” is his motto and he lives by it. Dheeraj has ensured that the packaging of his products (which have grown from power banks to include mouse, keyboard and converters) keeps on improving. The product images on the SMD Enterprises store on ShopClues are extremely effective as they highlight the features effectively. The written descriptions are also well written and a wide range of products in different colors ensures that customers are always engaged.


Dheeraj’s story is an inspiration because of his hard work, dedication and constant efforts to make his products relevant to the customers. His smart and hard work has ensured his success. We, at ShopClues, are extremely proud of his achievements and would like to ensure that this is simply the beginning of a long and successful career!



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