Sachin Tendulkar Birthday Special : Business Lessons From His Career

Sachin Tendulkar - Business Lessons From His Life

There are very few sports personalities who have made an impact on people’s lives like Sachin Tendulkar has. I’m sure that either you, or someone you know, worships him like a God. And is there any other batsmen who has got so much respect? There is just so much to learn from him as a professional, and as an individual. Which is why, today on his 45th birthday, we came up with 5 business lessons that we you can learn from the life of the Master Blaster!

1) Racing Ahead While Being Calm

Can you immediately remember the last time you saw Sachin angry? You will either take a really long time, or (most probably) fail to. And yet, he would constantly push himself ahead in each match he played! Sachin’s aggression was not being rash, shouting or fighting. He had a calm and calculative approach throughout his career. So, try to run ahead in your business without losing your temper. It will surely make a major difference in your life!

2) Having The Hunger To Stay Consistent

Maintaining consistency is one of the biggest challenges that anyone faces. It takes a lot of effort to continuously give high-level performances. So what motivated Sachin Tendulkar to stay consisted throughout his career? It was his non-stop hunger to be on top of the game. Thanks to this, he was able to end a 24 year old career with half-centuries in both his last test, and one-day match. Hence, you should also try and maintain that hunger in you. It will help you be determined to overcome any obstacles you face and be successful in the long run!

3) Adapting To Changes Like Sachin Tendulkar Could

When Sachin started playing, ODI matches were still being played with white t-shirts (the 1992 World Cup was the first to be played in coloured jerseys). The sport grew over the years with evolution in styles, techniques and equipment. However, Sachin’s form was the only constant. And that was possible because he could always adapt to the circumstances over the years. Which is why, you must also be aware of the latest market trends and adapt to them. If you are flexible to constantly adapt to the market, you will always discover a new route success!

4) Not Having A Substitute For Hard Work

Sachin has won so many awards, crossed milestones and achieved numerous records. The secret to his success? It is nothing, but sheer practice. He has spent hours practicing at the nets from his childhood. Generations of Indian cricketers have praised his work ethics. And it this rigorous practice, which has resulted in him being one of the most accomplished cricketers in history. Therefore, you must be prepared to work hard and uplift each and every aspect of your store to become successful. All elements of your store must be perfect. If even one aspect seems slightly weak, work upon it so that it becomes a strength.

5) Confidence To Beat Any Competition

Sachin had the confidence to beat anyone, anywhere. He has victories in almost every country he has played. Moreover, there is no bowler who can claim to always keep the Master Blaster down. He has faced so many opponents across generations and yet never lost his confidence. Therefore, you must also realise that confidence is the key to your success. If you are confident in your abilities, you can outgrow any form of competition in all the categories that you are selling in!

Sachin Tendulkar has raised new standards of excellence by constantly redefining it. These are the main reasons behind his success. We hope that by following these, your business will always come out on top and be constantly successful!

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