Quick Shipping & Packing Tips For Easy Order Fulfillment

packing and shipping tips

packing and shipping tips

So, you got an order and you have packed the order to the best of your knowledge and gave it to the pickup person so that it can be easily delivered to the customer. To your surprise, the customer returned the product stating “broken/damaged product” as the reason. Irritating, isn’t it? To avoid such situations, packing and shipping should be in order. So, to help you simplify order fulfillment, here are the quick yet effective tips.

Pick the Right Box

Choose a box that suits the dimensions and weight of your product. Ensure that your box is left with some breathing space so that it can sustain the hustle-bustle of package pickup and delivery.

Fill In The Voids

In order to fill that space in Inflatable Water Slide your package, use packing material like bubble wrap, or peanuts (also known as popcorn). However, bubble wrap is recommended as it provides excellent cushion protection from shifts and hits.

packing material

Tape it Well

Use high quality tape to pack your product. Avoid using regular cello tape as it is not very strong and your package may open. Ensure that it should be atleast 2 inches wide so that your product is safely packed.

Opt for H-Shaped Method

You can use the ‘H-Shaped’ method. In this method, the package is sealed along all open seams of your box. In case of an irregular shaped box, just make sure that the tape is cleanly applied to all open seams.


h taping method  

Check and Recheck Shipping Information

Double check the product to be delivered like size, name, color, etc. Also check the shipping details like name, address and other contact details with proper shipping label and invoice. You can completely tape the shipping label to avoid any damage. Also, ensure that you remove any previous label (in case of a recycled shipping box) to avoid confusion.

Go With The Shipping Schedule

On time delivery impresses every customer. Make sure that you keep an eye on the shipping schedule to ensure on time delivery. Fulfill them on time and pack it properly so that you are able to give it to the pickup person. Avoid last minute delivery rush, especially during the festive season.

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