Sourcing Products For Your Online Store : 5 Best Tips

Sourcing Your Products For Your ECommerce Business

Lack of satisfaction with product quality is a major reason for returns. Hence, you have to constantly deliver high quality products to keep them satisfied. The ideal solution is to have your personal manufacturing unit. In case you don’t have then you must source your products. In case you feel confused about how to do it, then worry not! We have a few solutions which you can use for sourcing your products.

1) Look For Sourcing Contacts Within Your Network

Thanks to the internet, you can find anything in the matter of a few clicks. However, if you feel that searching online is risky, then simply ask the people around you. ECommerce is spreading rapidly across the country. Which is why there is a strong chance that you can get information from your friends, relatives, colleagues, etc. Ask them if they or their contacts might be aware of a reliable supplier. Once you are sure that no one around you then you can search online.

2) Search For A Verified Supplier

You can easily check the authenticity of suppliers you find from the internet. A few simple ways to do so are :

– Online verification: This includes checking their website and cross-checking all the facts, going through any social media pages they might have, and searching the web for both positive and negative reviews.

– Personal cross-checking: If the potential supplier does not have a web page or social media, then ask your personal contacts if they have heard anything about them. If they or anyone they know are clueless, then it is best to not risk sourcing from them.

3) Search For A Dropshipping Partner

Dropshipping is a form of eCommerce order fulfillment. The dropshipping company owns the inventory and delivers the order on behalf of the eCommerce store. The order is sent with the store’s branding and packaging. Hence the customer feels it is from the store and not from a third party. The rules for checking the authenticity of a dropshipper are the same as searching for a supplier. Dropshippers will have a stronger online presence than regular suppliers so do not contact one’s whose website and online details seems incomplete.

4) Be Prepared To Invest In A Relationship

Once you feel that you have found the appropriate supplier, try and hold on to them for as long as possible. Try to be open and friendly with them as it will make your relationship stronger instead of simply being a business deal. Make payments on time as it will help establish trust. You should also stay in constant touch with them (of course too much of contact can be annoying). Be sure of your orders because constantly asking suppliers to change them will annoy any supplier. It does takes a little extra effort to perform all of these. However, all of this will go a long way in helping you have a successful store.

5) Purchase From Wholesalers

Another way for sourcing your products is to buy them from verified wholesalers. Wholesalers specialize in providing items in bulk. As a result you can use their expertise to your advantage and purchase from wholesalers. You can either do this from markets or online wholesalers who deliver the products.

You can purchase a few products as a test to check the quality and consistency of products. List your products only after being sure about the supplier’s authenticity and product quality. Most importantly, always be on the look out for more suppliers. It will help you give more options, alternatives and backups. Happy Selling!

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