Mother’s Day Special : ShopClues Super Mother – Ms. Anita Seengal

Mother's Day Special : Super Mother Seller, Ms. Anita Seengal with her children

A mother represents many values like strength, patience, determination, strong decision making, multi-tasking etc. But there are a few who are able to do all of this, as well as something extra, which impacts many lives. We, at ShopClues are proud to have one such super mother among us. This Mother’s Day, we would like to share the extraordinary and inspirational journey of Ms. Anita Seengal. She has faced many hardships, including losing her husband and raising two children completely on her own. In spite of that, she has only moved forward and ultimately become a change maker. She has also recently completed the Individual Sales Professional course conducted by ShopClues under the Skill India Program. Today, we share her story in our Mother’s Day special blog.

                                                                                                  Ms. Anita Seengal
Being Decisive Since Childhood

Starting from childhood, Ms. Seengal has been an extremely decisive individual. Her thought process was always years ahead of her peers. Which is why she was encouraged to “let her passion bloom like the branches of a tree” This line left a major impression and is soemthing which she carries till date.

Being Part Of The NCC Air Wing

In 1974, Ms. Seengal was selected as part of the NCC Air Wing for Girls program in Rajasthan, developed for the upliftment of women’s lives. She was one of only 20 women who were able to earn this opportunity. Here, she acquired life changing skills through activities like gliding, flying, shooting, swimming, etc. The ladies also had to camp in the jungle for 10 days, but manage with only 7 days of ration. This experience taught her skills like control, working long hours, confidence and resource management. Ms. Seengal feels that this intense program has helped her to tackle many difficult situations in life.

                                                                                   An old image from her college days
Facing Hardships And Consistently Overcoming Them

Ms. Seengal proceeded to enroll in the Student Pilot Lessons program and follow her dream of becoming a pilot. Unfortunately, the crash of another aerpolane in the program made her parents fear for her safety. Consequently, she was taken out of it and got married in 1976. She lost her husband very suddenly, after only 10 years of marriage. To make matters worse, she had hardly any money and had to manage two children as well. For almost two years, she did multiple jobs like being a typist, working as an invigilator, making boards and charts for schools. Thereafter, she joined the Airports Authority of India in 1988 and embarked on a 27 year old journey with them.

                                                                                   Smiling All Troubles Away!
Contributing To Energy Conservation Through Paper Recycling

It is said, that you never know which skill will help you at what point in your life. Under the NCC program, Ms. Seengal had learnt the art of paper recycling. This helped her after 30 years, when AAI wanted to start a paper recycling initiative. Since she had prior experience, she stepped forward and took complete charge of the project. It became a huge success. The organisation is still using the practices started by her and makes office stationery with recycled paper. These contributions led to her getting multiple awards from the AAI. 

                                                                        Being awarded by the Airports Authority of India
Starting Her ECommerce Journey Post Retirement

It was in 2015 that Ms. Seengal retired from the AAI. After that, she had options and offers to join other organisations. However she did not take any of them up. She preferred ECommerce because it offered her the flexibility to work as well as manage her home. This was the birth of The Easy Wear Shop. Completely aware of her limited resources, she decided to sell only around her home in Gurugram. But she was not ready to simply open a store and stay idle as she believes that an idle mind is the devil’s workshop.

                                                                                  Product Sample Of The Easy Wear Store

The Easy Wear Shop started with 10 night gowns. She would organise tent shops in her locality to sell her clothes as well as inspire other ladies to sell products online. This combination of networking and research allowed her to be a part of many WhatsApp groups. till date, she is an active WhatsApp seller. She continued her efforts in online selling by selling on Facebook groups. Being the proactive individual that she is, she has also designed the logo for her store! Currently she is able to meet her goals of financial comfort and the store’s progress has helped her draw plans of national expansion.

                                Certificate for successful completion of Individual Sales Professional Course conducted by ShopClues
Our Super Mother Makes Each Day A Mother’s Day

As you can understand, Mrs. Seengal has seen the highest of highs and lowest of lows. Despite everything, she has constantly been there for her children and provided them everything they needed. Today her children are passing her spirit and values forward and on to the next generation. Her daughter is into food regulations and her son is an engineer in Japan. They have a strong mutual understanding and a loving unity among themselves.

Mrs. Seengal is an inspiration for not only all mothers but also, all individuals. Even now, she does everything from scratch – from getting the material, to running an online business all on her own. Her energy and drive to carry on have made everyone around her have nothing but respect and admiration. Mrs. Seengal’s life and personality can be summed up in a line, which she has written herself: “Kuch paaney ki icha ke mit janey par, dhirey dhirey yun mara nahin kartey” ShopClues salutes this incredible woman!

                                                                                Our Super Mother with her children!