MODI-fied Payments With ShopClues Reach

The recent electrifying address from our Prime Minister triggered a manic reaction throughout the country.

Apart from hitting black money hard, the decision will also severely impact other sectors of the economy.
But for the lucky members of the ShopClues Community, the good times just keep on rolling. We’re offering Our services – ShopClues Reach and Capital Wings at unbelievable rates!


ShopClues Reach

With the ShopClues Point Of Sale, you can track inventory on the go, advertise your store through targeted marketing and select discounts and payment methods. Most importantly, you can accept payments electronically from customers so there is no need for cash!

We’ve enabled our sellers to connect with nearby customers through our Reach feature, identify top selling products, share payment links through SMS and basically revolutionised our seller’s sales and payments!


Subscription packages available.

1. Trial Pack Subscription for 1 month – Can use all basic features. Reach service can be availed at INR 1000 for 5000 SMS
2. Monthly Subscription – INR 1500. Includes 5000 Free SMS, no transaction charge levied up to INR 10,000
3. 3 Month Subscription – INR 3000. Includes 5000 Free SMS, no transaction charge levied up to INR 20,000
4. Annual Subscription – INR 10,000. Includes 20,000 Free SMS, no transaction charge levied up to INR 80,000


Download the app today to begin your free 30 day free trial!



Check back tomorrow for more exciting offers! #NoToNotes

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