Mobile Photography Tips For An Attractive Catalog

mobile photography

mobile photography


As you might be aware, photography is a crucial part of your catalog. If expenses are a concern, then smartphones are the perfect solution. They are easier to carry for a shoot. Most importantly, they provide professional images at a lesser cost than high-end digital cameras. 


With a smartphone camera, you can take images that instantly attract users. Use these tips to create an attractive catalog with mobile photography:


1) Master The Basic Technicalities
The three most important things to keep in mind are your camera’s megapixels, focus and exposure. We quickly break them down for you:


Megapixels: Any image is made up of numerous megapixels being joined together. More megapixels implies higher quality images. For mobile shoots, a camera should have minimum 8 megapixels.
Focus: Focus makes your image sharper. While shooting, you will see a small square on your screen. Ensure that it covers the product and click on it before taking the shoot. This will ensure you get a high focus image.
Adjusting Exposure: Exposure is the amount of light entering the camera. Adjusting exposure and exposure simply means keeping the product sharp while adjusting the light around it.


2) Use A Tripod

A slight shake of the hand can reduce an image quality. The chances of that happening are higher on a mobile phone. Hence, you must have a tripod to take stable images. They can be rented at a maximum rate of Rs 200-300 per day. And after the recent increase in smartphone photography, they are easily available.


3) Shoot In Natural Light:
To get the best out of your mobile camera, shoot the products in a natural light. This is because the one advantage that digital cameras have is that you can change the light settings from them. Doing the same on a mobile camera is much more complicated. The advantage of natural lighting is that you can edit your photographs easily as well.


4) Do Not Use Flash:
Flash is a good option for taking casual pictures in low light. However, for professional purposes, never use the phone’s flash feature. It makes the image look extremely clumsy and unprofessional. Putting up photographs with flash will distract the users and make your store much less attractive.


4) Take Images From Multiple Angles:
It is extremely important that you take images from multiple angles. Take images from the side and multiple angles. This gives you more options to choose from while finalizing your catalog. You never know which angle gives you the best image, so it is best to take shots from multiple angles.


5) Do Not Zoom In To The Product
The zoom feature might be extremely handy. However, do not use it for professional photographs. This is because zooming takes more effort on the cameras censors, creating a lower quality image. The difference is extremely noticeable when placed in a catalog. Hence, move closer to the product if need be but do not use the zoom feature.
Mobile photography is extremely convenient as it is more flexible and easier to use.


By using these tips and editing your photos nicely, you can have an attractive catalog. Good Luck!

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