Last Minute Diwali Home Decoration Ideas

It’s the brightest day of the year! It’s that time when your home looks the most beautiful. feel it doesn’t. Maybe you want to do a bit more, or maybe add something extra. Well don’t worry because we’ve got the perfect suggestion! Here are a few Last Minute Ideas for Diwali Decoration:

1) Simple Rangoli Design With Many Colors

Start from the front – in this case, the front door! You need not be a rangoli expert, a few basic designs will do. Just ensure you make it as colorful as possible, for that bright first impression.

2) Get Multiple Wall Hangings

A simple way to brighten up your home is by using wall hangings or torans at each of the doors. From the front door, to your rooms, they give a colorful touch across the house. And are easy to use!

3) Light up the Puja Room

Well, it does happen to be an extremely important section. Because, the puja room will start off the evening. So light it up, with either diyas or simple string lights. Not only will it help you feel better while praying, but also look so much better!

4) Fill Your House With Flowers

Flowers come with the double benefits of adding colors and freshness. Having flower designs across the house will add a natural touch to your celebrations. Simple marigolds (the genda phool) in both orange and yellow colors, jasmine flowers and orchids will do the trick

5) Color up the Diyas

Instead of simple Diyas, you can use a quick trick. Simply paint them and make them more colorful! Time might be an issue, so even splashing them with paint will add extra color to the evening.

So, there you go. These ideas will ensure that no matter how much of a time crunch you have, your home can have an extra glow. Happy Diwali!

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