Introducing Order Processing Fees For Better Store Operations

Policy Update


Policy Update
We, at ShopClues, always strive to simplify online selling for you. In order to improve operations, we have introduced Order Processing Fees at our marketplace. For every successful order, we will be charging a small listing fee, which will be deducted at the end of every month.

What Is An Order Processing Fee?

For every product you list on a marketplace, a small Order Processing Fee is charged by the aggregator in order to give your products a space on the platform and showcase them to the customers. On ShopClues, we are not charging any fees while listing. Rather, this fee will be deducted only for the successful orders as a token of getting your orders on our platform.

How Will It Be Charged?
The orders which are successfully dispatched and delivered and the customer has not requested for any returns, then only this Order Processing Fee will be deducted.

Please find below, the Inflatable Water Slide fee structure for your reference:
• Expected Payout per product sale equal to or below Rs. 150: Rs. 5
• Expected Payout per product sale above Rs. 150: Rs. 10

For example, if you have 5 successful orders for products priced under Rs. 150 and 10 successful orders of products priced above Rs. 150, then the calculation will be done
Total listing fees for the orders priced under Rs. 150 = 5*5 = 25
Total listing fees for the orders priced above Rs. 150 = 10*10 = 100
Total listing fees to be deducted at the end of the month = Rs. 125

Order Processing Fee will not be charged for RTO, RMA and cancelled orders. Please note that this fee is independent of the basic marketplace commission and charges.

When Will It Be Charged?

For all the successful orders, we will calculate the total Order Processing Fee and deduct them at the end of the month. It will reflect as ‘Order Processing Fee’ in your invoice.

More Questions?

If you require any further clarification, kindly raise a ticket from your Store Manager and we’ll respond to you as soon as possible. We greatly appreciate your continued cooperation and support.


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