How To Reduce Abandoned Carts With Minimum Efforts

abandoned carts

Isn’t it irritating to find that your customers have made an incomplete purchase from your online store?  Abandoned carts or customer who leave your products in their cart without making a purchase shows that they were interested in your product but due to some reason, they didn’t complete the purchase. It can be due to better options available, internet issues, unavailability of a specific payment method, hidden charge or something else.

While it is difficult to understand the reason behind abandoned carts, there are few practices that can be done to reduce the number of abandoned carts. Here are few simple yet effective solutions to reduce cart abandonment.

1) Ensure The Displayed Price Has No Additional Costs
Be sure to include all your costs in the product price. Do not try to attract customers with a low price and then have additional costs on the product page. The initial interest will all reduce to an annoying feeling and then cart abandonment. For eg: Your displayed cost is Rs 250 and becomes Rs 70 with additional shipping costs. The customer is more likely to buy a product for Rs 330 with no shipping costs. That is because they will feel annoyed as they have been lied to: and then abandon the products.

2) Offer Cash On Delivery
Customers are always likely to be more attracted to stores which offer Cash on Delivery You must realize that eCommerce in India is still growing, especially in Tier II & III cities. Cash on Delivery provides them the convenience to pay later and make them feel comfortable making a purchase. The lack of a COD option will deprive them of this benefit, implying they will prefer a store which offers it over yours.

3) Clearly Define Your Features
A product page becomes more attractive as soon as all the product features are clearly defined. For eg: you sell gym supplements and do not mention the variety of flavours and the product weight. Customers are more likely to purchase similar supplements which show these features. Your product might be better, but the customer will find it vague as compared to the clearly defined other store.

4) Highlight Your Complete Variety
If you have a variety of products, then it is better to highlight them instead of showing a single option. The more options the customer sees, the more choices they get and that increases the chances of a purchase. For eg: if you sell shirts, highlight three colours of the same model in a picture. If you are selling a speaker system, show all its components with clarity.

5) Become A Trusted Seller
Once the customer considers your store to have credibility, they will be more attracted to it. If you cannot be a top rated merchant, ensure that your product meets any of our ShopClues surety tags. They will help you stand out from the crowd and make sellers feel that they are purchasing something of value.

By providing these values to customers, you will build a store which urges them to make a purchase. Another effective method is to directly reach out to customers who have added their products to your cart and tempt them with exclusive offers and discounts. A combination of both will ensure that your store has fewer abandoned carts and more purchases!

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