How To Promote Your Products With (Almost) Zero Budget

budget marketing

budget marketing


Sometimes the best things in life come for free (well almost). Today, we would like to talk about promoting your store online. It is an activity which will help you stand out in the crowd and let you show that you are different. An efficient promotion campaign helps a brand to get noticed ahead of its competitors.


They are also, usually, an expensive affair. Do not worry! There are certain techniques which you can use to promote your store with a limited budget. And the best part is that they are also extremely effective if done well. Read below to find out how you can use them and increase your sales:


1) Join Facebook Groups
Facebook Groups are a fantastic way to make people aware of your store. Many eCommerce groups exist as ways for sellers to promote their stores online and interact with buyers. Through interactions, postings and comments in posts, you can promote your store. You need to use a lot of attractive images and extremely precise words so that people in these groups can immediately notice you and your products.


2) WhatsApp Promotion
WhatsApp is one of the most popular applications in the country with over a billion users. Promoting your store through WhatsApp will not have any cost as the application is free. Send your product details to your friends and family so that they can be your first customers! Include a link to the store so that users can directly reach out to the store from their mobiles. You could also ask your close ones to spread information about your store to the people around them. This publicity from the word of mouth can help more users be aware of your store.


3) Create A Facebook Page And Group
Creating groups and pages are a great way to hold a lot of people’s attention together. They provide a platform to directly interact and communicate with the users. Groups help you have created and initiated discussions, whereas pages can show a lot of information. Hence, you should also not just promote your products but attract interest in your groups and pages with informational/funny posts. Having an informal and personalized bond with users will help you to connect with everyone faster. It gives you have a chance to get more orders.


4) Instagram Promotion
Instagram was created just for the purpose of sharing photos and videos. Currently, it has almost 1 billion global users. India has one of the fastest growing Instagram user bases and is extremely popular among the youth. That is why, well-taken product photographs with catchy description lines can help you personally connect with users. Open your store’s page on Instagram and include links to your store to get more users.


5) Give Discounts
One of the best ways to attract users is by giving discounts. In a price-conscious country like India, discounts are extremely attractive. Use the power of discounts to tempt users into buying from your store. User satisfaction will surely increase the chances of more purchases from your store. You simply have to lure them into it with discounts.


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