How To Get Noticed On Independence Day!

One of the biggest days of the year is almost here. Are you planning to be patriotic before Independence Day? Worry not if you have no plans. We have got you covered! With these last-minute tricks you can make costumers remember your store in the build up to 15th August. Here is how you can stand out and increase your Independence Day sales.

1) Highlight The Patriotic Spirit – Of Your Collection!

Bring out products related to the national colors ie saffron, green or navy blue. If it is too late for you to source, then highlight what you have. This will ensure that users will connect with the themes. But this is only step 1. Step 2 will ensure a deeper connection..

2) Show Your Indian-ness In The Product Description!

This is the time to proudly tell the world how Indian your products are! Mention how your products are handcrafted/manufactured in India. Or, if there are any Indian elements then write them down. Seeing this will surely make users more attracted to your products.

3) Say That Your Shipping Will Be Free!

If you have not done it earlier, keep your shipping free. How? Add the shipping costs in your product price! Then, be sure to mention that as a part of your special Independence Day promotions, you are keeping your shipping free!

4) Add A Small Tricolor To Your Packaging

We are talking about those small inch-sized tricolors which can be used as stickers or can be pinned. A little gesture like that will surely impress customers, as they will realise how thoughtful you are. It will go a long way in creating an impression.

There you have it! Small, simple steps and yet they can make a major impact. Following them will increase your store’s reputation. And that will surely mean more sales!


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