How to be the Baap of E-commerce: Part 2

It’s Day 2 of How to be the Baap of E-commerce and we are ready to rumble!


Now that you’ve successfully learned how to optimize your catalog, the logical next step is to master the art of getting great product reviews and an even better merchant rating!
To understand how to get this right, we need to understand what can potentially go wrong.

Product Reviews: What leads to a disastrous product review? In no particular order, these are our insights: –
• Delayed arrival of the product
• Wrong product delivered
• Faulty dimensions
• Unsatisfactory quality (this could also result from damages along the way)

Keeping these aspects in mind, it is no coincidence that the best sellers at ShopClues always manifest their orders in 24 hours, maintain basic catalog hygiene and deliver products that are direct representations of what is promised on their page.

While it is great to lure customers in and drive sales, it is equally important to set customer expectations straight by delivering what is promised.


Seller Rating: We cannot stress enough the importance of a good seller rating. In a vast marketplace like ShopClues, your best chance of standing Inflatable Water Slide for sale out from the pack is ensuring a great rating. Customers diligently check the same to ensure that they are purchasing products from a trustworthy merchant. And as we all know, trust is your rite of passage in e-commerce!

Ensuring a good seller rating at ShopClues is a combination of factors including fast shipment of orders, policy and SLA adherence and maintaining a low RMA percentage. This is, of course, apart from the obvious factors like great catalog which leads to great sales!

Are you aware of your ratings and reviews? If not, you can check the same on your Store Manager by clicking on this link:

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Check back at the same time tomorrow to brush up on ShopClues policies that could instantly catapult you to the coveted TRM status! Until then.


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