How To Avoid Product Returns On ShopClues?

product returns

product returns


One of the most frustrating things for an online seller is the product returns. However, this is an inevitable part of the online sales. No seller wishes to receive the product that they have already dispatched. It not only affects the business profitability but also hampers the overall customer satisfaction. It is impossible to eliminate the returns but one can strategize to reduce it.
Analyze The Reason/s Behind Product Returns
If the number of returns of your online store has increased, it’s high time to do an in-depth analysis of your returns. ShopClues provides a detailed analytics of the number of product returns along with the reason for returns. Basically, you need to understand the root cause of the returns. Accordingly, you can strategize and work on decreasing the rate of returns.


Product Returns can be of two Inflatable Water Slide kinds. Controllable Returns are the ones whose root cause can be controlled by the seller. The second type is Uncontrollable Returns, which cannot controlled by the seller.

Major Reasons Behind Product Returns

  • Incorrect Product Size or Color Delivered
  • Product did not match description on website or in catalog
  • Product quality did not meet the customer’s expectations
  • Product delivered is damaged or defective.

Ways to Reduce Product Returns


Clearly Mention Product Details

Inadequate or unclear description is one of the major reasons leading to more returns. Ensure that you don’t mislead the customer and provide clear and detailed information about your product.


Good Product Image

In order to bridge the gap between the offline and online store, product images play an important role. Therefore, make sure that you use high-quality images, preferably in the white background and taken from multiple angles. This, along with product title and description will clarify your product much better.


Provide Proper Size Guide

ShopClues has a pre-defined size guide. Ensure that you add the correct size so that the customer does not return the product due to the wrong size.


Send What You Show

Before dispatch, ensure that you double check the products you are sending. Check if the product is of the right size and color.


Pack It Properly

Damaged products are another common reason for product return. Make sure that you pack your products carefully so that it does not get damaged during transit. Also, it is recommended to use waterproof packaging to avoid water damages.

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