Facebook Marketing For eCommerce Beginners

Facebook marketing for ecommerce

Facebook marketing for ecommerce


With over 250 million users, Facebook is undoubtedly one of the most popular social networking platforms in India. Other than connecting with one’s family and loved ones, it has now become an amazing platform to promote one’s business, especially eCommerce. While many of you might be already selling on Facebook, here are some of the effective ways to utilize Facebook to fetch more orders within minimum marketing efforts (and in almost zero budget).


To get started, you can use the following tools Using them effectively will help you in increasing your sales.


1) Facebook Business Page
Start with creating a business page for your store. The best thing about Facebook Business Pages is that you can promote your offline and online store for FREE (almost). All you have to do is to share your product links listed on ShopClues so that it can appear on the timeline of your fans that are your target customers. Also, you can check the reach, engagement, clicks and other metrics of a particular post of the complete page. This will help you analyze how your products and online store are performing.


2) Facebook Groups
Another way of getting more customers interested in your products in through Facebook Groups. What makes them different from business pages is that groups allow conversations and interactions among users.


You can start by joining various ‘Shopping’ or ‘Buy and Sell’ groups on Facebook. Once you join, start sharing your ShopClues product links so that the group member (aka your target audience) can see them. Interested customers will click on the link or may contact you to purchase the product/s. Please note that many of these groups allow only sponsored posting. Please read the rules of the groups (if any) before posting.


Other than posting, you can also comment on other user’s posts who are looking for products like you are selling. You can share the link and fetch more orders.


3) Facebook Ads
If you wish to increase the reach and visibility of your products and online store, then you can go for paid Facebook ads. With these, you can target particular customers (in terms of age, interest, location, etc.). You can start running Facebook ads with a budget of as low as Rs. 40/day.


Please note that in order to run Facebook ads, it is necessary to have a business page. Through Facebook Ads, you can promote:


• Your Business Page
• Particular Post
• Single or Multiple Products
• Videos
And many more.


Here’s how you can promote your page:


1) Click on the Promote button on the left-hand side of your page. Select the options according to your store’s needs.


2) You can choose your objective of Facebook ads, like promoting the entire page for more like promote products for more orders, increase visitors or get more sales.


3) Once you choose this, share a headline, text and image of your product. Ensure that the maximum limit (including spaces is 25 characters and 90 characters for Headline and Text respectively.


4) For beginners, you can target audience based on gender, age, interest, locations, etc. For example, if you are selling women watch, you can target women living in Delhi from age 18 – 60 whose interests are watches and shopping. This way your ad will reach the right audience.


5) Select the budget of your ad. For example, you can spend Rs. 100 every day and run the ad for 5 days, just to check the performance of your ads. If that works, then you can increase the budget and experiment. Please note that the minimum amount which you can spend is Rs 40 per day.


This is how you can start marketing your online store on Facebook. Make the most of this platform where you can reach out to many users!

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