Easy Hacks To Create A Beautiful Catalog (And Make More Sales)

Beautiful Product Catalog

product catalog
A product catalog is the ‘heart’ of a successful online business. If your catalog is sorted, half the battle is won. It has the capability to not only communicate to your customers what you are offering but also serves as a pitch to promote your products and increase orders. Therefore, it is necessary to reach out to your potential buyers with the right catalog. So, here are the few tips, tricks and traps that every seller should keep in mind while creating a beautiful product catalog that not only attracts customers but also increases the chance of getting more sales.


Make Your Catalog Picture Perfect

Let’s start with your beautiful product image. There is no need to say that the product pictures play an important role in persuading your customers to purchase your products. Ensure that your product photographs are clear and have been taken from multiple angles. Make sure that the Inflatable Water Slide images are able to show the correct color and size of the product. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid using image filters.


Don’t Add Fake Or Misleading Images
One of the major reasons for high return rates is that the actual product does not match the product shown in the catalog. You need to show the original images of your products. If you are unable to click high-quality images, then hire a professional product photographer.


Title Your Product Right For More Visibility
One of the easiest ways to make your products reach more potential buyers is with a clear product title. A well-written product title gives your customers a clear idea about the product.


For example – Women Cotton Red Crop Top
Here, the basic questions about the product have been answered within the product title.
• Target Customers – Women
• Product Material – Cotton
• Product Color- Red
• Product Category – Top
• Product Type – Crop Top


product catalog
Tell Everything In The Description
Since, there is a character limit in the product title, you can add the rest of the information in the product description. You don’t need to write an essay. Just add the tactical information like size, material, quantity, washing care instructions and more. In order to make it easily readable, always write the description in bullet points so that the information is clear and concise.

 Price Your Products Right
So, you are done with a beautiful picture, a good title and a well-written product description, still people are not buying your products? Maybe the price is not right! Either it is too expensive or too low, because of which the potential customers doubt the quality of your product. (Yes, that also happens). When you are selling on any marketplace, make sure that you check and compare the prices offered by other sellers, selling similar products.


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