Defining Online Success

E-commerce is a fairly new concept. Sometimes, it’s hard to gauge how successful you are in this space or even if you are on the right path to success. So to get a fair sense of where you stand and how best to reach the top, we’ve scoured the ends of the internet and found the best mantras from the best internet gurus.


Champion relevant products – When setting up an online store, after deciding the most lucrative category for your benefit, champion only the relevant products in that category. Don’t be tempted to add useless or low quality products that either won’t sell or will be returned in an instant.
Consistency is key – Whether it is your catalog, service or deliverables, set a standard for yourself and remain consistent. Nothing is more frustrating to your host or customers than inconsistency in any of these areas which will impede your growth.
Word of mouth – Rely on ratings, reviews and feedback to gage your performance. These will be extremely helpful in pinpointing your success/failure areas so that you can work on both. Trust that if your reviews are good, word of mouth will work to your advantage.

You can always check your reports through your Store Manager here:


Connect with Your Customer – Make every attempt to understand the customer you’re attempting to service with your products. Ensure your products, their titles, descriptions and prices cater to the customer you’re targeting. If presented with queries, respond promptly. Customise your products and style for a unique advantage over your competitors.
Adopt new technologies and services early – Don’t be a laggard when it comes to adoption of the latest facilities. Trying new ways to improve your online store and selecting the right service will give you a competitive edge over everyone else. And in most cases, these decisions are make or break.
Most important of all? Always trust your gut. Remember that when you set up an online store, every choice you are presented with is an opportunity to do something new. So seize the moment and embark on a journey towards success.


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