Coffee & Chit-Chat : A Discussion With Our CEO!

August 8 2018 was a very special day for us. Sellers from Delhi-NCR came down to the ShopClues Headquarters for a one-of-its-kind discussion with our Co-Founders! Here are a few glimpses of what went down at the event: 

One of the biggest complaints which most of the sellers had were with regards to RMA  returns. They were worried with how it is affecting their business. Both Radhika & Sanjay heard all the complaints. They are currently working to resolve each and every one of them!

Our Head of Category & Assistant Vice-President, Ritika Taneja was also present at the event. Specific seller requests related to catalog uploading and other category related questions were answered.

There were also a lot of questions related to the stability of the company. Mr. Sethi, then re-assured everyone that the company has received a funding of $16 million. The amount is more than enough to drive us towards our goals. He also said that our cash burn (or the amount at which company uses its capital) has reduced from $5.5 million per month a year ago, to $0.5 per month today. Thanks to you, we are fast-approaching our profit goals!

Ultimately the session led to an extremely crucial interaction, with many constructive discussions. Our sellers left the evening with a lot of doubts answered, and a clearer understanding of how we function. We look forward to many opportunities like this and personally clear whatever queries you might have. After all, agar aap na hotey, toh hum hum na hotey!

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