Celebs Born In April – And What We Can Learn From Them!

April was quite a star-studded month! Many famous personalities from multiple fields are born in April: leaders, pioneers, visionaries. These individuals have become legends because of their thoughts and personalities…and that is a great source of learning, for all of us!

Sachin Tendulkar (24th April)

Sachin = Cricket! But how did this man became a God? It’s a simple answer – practice & dedication. His humility motivated him to push ahead. And that gave him the constant drive to score 100 International centuries! So, what we can learn is to never get ahead of ourselves – and keep on improving our efforts!

BR Ambedkar (14th April)

He  is hailed as the Father of the Indian Constitution & helped create the Reserve Bank of India! However, he was also a champion of the deprived. Dalits, inflatable theme park Untouchables,Women’s Rights.All of this, from one single thought: the belief in doing what’s needed. Sometimes when we fall, we need that belief – and the belief in the greater good. Isn’t that a great thing to have!

Mukesh Ambani (19th April)

Some people need no introduction.. Their name speaks for themselves. That is the amount of power which the name “Mukesh Ambani” has. The secret to his success? Having the foresight to understand what the people need, and delivering upon that. Getting it done, no matter what the obstacles. Constant focus on multiple goals and prioritizing your work. It is why he is the owner of such a big conglomerate. It is why, he is the richest man in India.

Emma Watson (15th April)

Remember Hermione from the Harry Potter movies? Emma Watson is a bit like that in real life as well! She is a star student – having graduated from Brown University! Superstar, student & human rights activist: we can all learn how to manage time from her. Focus on one thing, and then quickly move on to the other!

John Cena (23rd April)

We can all see him! John Cena is not only one of the biggest WWE Supertars ever, he is also an actor & a very vocal supporter of anti-bullying & cancer prevention. What can we learn from this dynamic individual? The value of practice (his gym sessions are legendary), self-motivation & not being arrogant. (which prevents us from reaching our potential)


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