Best Practices To Write eCommerce Product Descriptions

product descriptions

product descriptions


An extremely important but often overlooked part of eCommerce is the product descriptions. Latest research shows that 78% of users consider product descriptions while making a purchase. Effectively written product descriptions, section names or website descriptions help Inflatable Water Slide to create an instant connection with users. Here, we tell you


5 Crucial Factors To Keep In Mind While Writing Descriptions


1) Focus On Benefits
Users will be instantly attracted to your store if they can see the benefits mentioned instead of descriptions. This is because they will see how your product/service is adding value instead of reading about what they can do. Hence, always try and mention the benefits of using your product/service.


2) Create An Emotional Connection
Try not to simply mention pointers but create an emotional connection. Talk about how your product’s benefits will have an overall positive impact on the user. Use words that describe feelings which the user is likely to experience if they consume your product. This will help the users feel more confident that using your product will be good for them, increasing the chances of making a purchase.


3) Keep It Precise
To get immediate user attention, you have to have precisely written descriptions. Mention the exact words you need and do not fill your sentences with unnecessary words. Keep in mind that being precise does not mean short. A mobile phone will have more features and benefits instead of a comb so both cannot have the same length in their product description. Precise descriptions will help users pay constant attention.


4) Mention What Your Brand Stands For
Throughout your store, always be sure to include the values which your brand stands for. If you are selling sports shoes, then your product descriptions and about us section should have energetic words. This will make the user feel that purchasing your product will add value to their lives as this energy is exactly what they are looking for while buying a sports shoe. In this way, mention the spirit that your brand stands for in your product descriptions.


5) Check To Ensure There Is A Smooth Flow
Before publishing the descriptions, you have to ensure that there is a smooth flow and the sentences are not simply joined together. Joining the sentences together should be able to create a story that impresses the customer the moment they look at it. This will ensure that the description will stay in the user’s mind among all the other descriptions that they are likely to come across.


Following these steps will ensure that you have a well-worded e-commerce store which creates an immediate impact on the user. It will, in turn, increase the chances of them making a purchase. Good Luck!

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