5 Superstitions & Legends Around Christmas

Christmas stands for celebrations, high spirits and having a great time! Over the years there have been many stories, legends and superstitions which have come to be associated with this festival. So, today we bring to you 5 such Christmas legends!

1) Christmas Trees are now synonymous with the Big Day. However that was not always the case. December being a very cold month, green plants would give people hope that Spring is on its way. And soon the land would be war, and fertile again. The first Christmas Tree was introduced in the English Court in the year 1800!

2) The Irish believe that animals too celebrated the arrival of Jesus Christ. Both farm animals and those in the forest would bend down at midnight on Christmas. They could also talk at midnight – but hearing them talk was bad luck!

3) A Czech Superstition says that each guest you call for Christmas Dinner, must cut an apple in half. After that, they need to show the center of the apple to everyone. If it looks like a star that has 5 points, then that means its good luck. If it has only 4 points, then someone at the table would die or fall very unwell in the coming year.

4) Giving birth on Christmas protects the child from dying by hanging, or drowning!

5) Leaving the table during the Christmas Feast in the middle of the meal will lead to you being cursed with bad luck!

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