5 ‘Last Minute’ Tips To Prepare Your Online Shop For Diwali

5 Last Minute Tips To Prepare Your Online Shop For Diwali

5 Last Minute Tips To Prepare Your Online Shop For Diwali

There is no doubt that Diwali season is the most profitable season of the year for online businesses. Although, it is advisable to plan way ahead for these seasons, but let’s be honest, day to day hustle of running an online business makes it less difficult to specially prepared for the fast approaching holidays. In this post, we will be sharing effective tips for last minute preparation of your online shop this Diwali.

Tip 1- Make Your Products Search Friendly

What if we tell you that your potential customer is unable to search for your product on our website because of badly named Product Title? A product title with proper keywords goes a long way. A clear and detailed product title and description not only increases the visibility of your product but also affect your product returns. For the upcoming festive season, review your product name and description. Ensure that you are using all the important keywords. Also, update and enhance the photos of your products, if needed.

Tip 2 – Plan Your Pricing

Diwali is all about discounts and offers. Analyze the price set by your competitors. Reduce your profit margin a bit in order to attract more and more buyers. If you want better visibility of your discounted products and offers, then we would recommend you to opt for our Inflatable Water Slide for sale services like IDMS where you can show your discounted product on ongoing deals on ShopClues website.

Tip 3 – Get Set For High Volumes

The festive season is the time when online marketplaces like ShopClues sees a huge spike not only in visitors but also buyers. It is always advisable to get all set for huge orders as well. As a seller, you would not like to see your best-selling product go out of stock easily. Therefore, focus on the product sourcing and ensure that the products you are offering during Diwali sale, are well in stock.

Tip 4 – Focus On On-Time Delivery

Other than the quality of the products, delivery time is another key to a satisfied customer. Since most of the customers are shopping for gifts, on time delivery is something that should be your number 1 priority. Ensure that you are able to process the order for quicker pick-up and smooth delivery. Keep the packaging materials like tape, boxes, fillers, etc. Handy to avoid last minute hassles.

Tip 5 – Promote-Promote-Promote

None of the above preparations will make sense if your buyer is unable to see your product. Make sure that you promote your products well in advance. Other than offering discounts and special Diwali offers, you can opt for various services like AdZone, etc. to increase your orders. On your end, you can spread the word by sharing your products on your social networking channels to increase orders.

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