5 Facts About Durga Puja You Wouldn’t Know!

Durga Puja is here! A festival of rejoicing for all Bengali’s across the world – it celebrates Maa Durga’s homecoming to destroy the demon Mahishasura. Durga Puja also happens to redefines the word “celebration”. From pandal hopping, eating, singing, dancing, everyone enjoys themselves in each breath!

You might have heard of the story of Maa Durga’s battle. But have you heard about these 5 things?!

1) In Sanskrit, Durga means “Fort”. It’s an ideal way to describe her because just like it’s hard to break into a Fort, she cannot be easily defeated. Ask Mahishasura!

2) The first Durga Puja was started in the late 1500’s! Landlords (or Zamindars as they’re popularly known) in the West Bengal districts of Malda & Dinajpur were the first to celebrate it!

3) One of the oldest idol forms is called “Daaker Saaj” or ” Decoration from the Postal Service”. Legend has it, that imported silver from Germany was used to create the idol. Since it was transported from the postal service – “Daak” in Bengali – this was the name given!

4) Traditionally, while decorating the idol, the last stroke of paint was for creating the eyes. It was supposed to be done in complete darkness – and only in the presence of 1 sculptor!

5) Maa Durga is one of the many Gods to also appear in Japanese Buddhism! Talk about the spreading of culture!


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