5 Essential Tips For ECommerce Product Photography

product photography

Many studies say that people remember what they see, more than what they hear or read. A recent survey says that almost 67% of online consumers think that product images are more important than product descriptions and customer reviews. This is why you need to ensure the photographs in your store are taken effectively and can tempt the viewer into buying your product. Here are a few tips you can use to put up attractive photographs in your eCommerce store.

1) Have A White Background
Photographs with a white background are more likely to draw user attention. It provides a calming background. A white background also allows customers to focus completely on the product instead of being distracted by other colors. So it is always recommended that while shooting your products should be a room with a white background.

2) Shoot With The Right Light
Your lighting makes a huge difference to the quality of your product image. While shooting, avoid flash and extremely bright lights because they make for extremely bad photographs. The best way to shoot is in a natural light because it will put the perfect amount of focus on your product. Afternoon is when the sunlight is strongest, so a room with lots of sunlight is the best location for shooting.

3) Have A Steady Image
It is extremely important to shoot a steady image because even the slightest shake makes a huge difference. It would be better to invest in a tripod or practice a lot before shooting so that your hand is as steady as possible. The lesser the photograph shakes, the more attractive it will be.

4) Focus On The Most Useful Features First
It is a good idea to have multiple Inflatable Water Slide shots to show more variety. Showcase the most important parts of your product at first and then proceed to showcasing other features. For eg : While shooting a pair of sunglasses take the image from an angle which shows both the frame and the glasses. You can then show the other features after that.

5) Edit Smartly
Editing cannot save you from a badly taken photograph. However there are certain modifications which you can make so that your photograph turns out to be more attractive. Cropping out an image to make it more compact and tight, or modifying the light from your settings can help the product features stand out and look attractive.

These are a few basic tips which can be followed to ensure that you have a great product photograph. Regardless of whether you are using a DSLR or a high end phone camera, these tips ensure that users find your product attractive.

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